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Clubify has made my job more fun, myteam more productive and our programmore profitable!

Applying Clubify’s gamification to our training has transformed our entire partner training process giving us more reach and retention…  allowing us to not only minimize travel cost but pivot to all virtual engagements when our country experienced stay at home orders. It used to take hours to prepare for trainings – and I’d deliver 4-6/week. Now it takes just a few minutes to create a new game with unique game code so I can track the progress of each game. Watching the Leaderboard is much more fun than putting together another boring Powerpoint! By offering points redeemable for prizes we create engagement, which leads to education, which leads to advocacy and adoption. Implementing Clubify has made my job more fun, my team more productive and our program more profitable!

– Danielle, Manager @ Intuit