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Features and Benefits

Become a Superstar in your Community. Get a Community you truly own with your own App in a Day. Get up to 100% Reach to Your Audience. Monetize your audience and engage like never before.

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Your App in a Day

That’s right – we deliver your app in a day when we get your app logo and background image. Your app becomes a one-stop shop for your community to shop, mingle via chatrooms + video, and have fun.

Sell Your Course

Sell Courses, Memberships and Events

We will keep your and your audience’s data safe and not sell it to third parties or for advertising. We take privacy and security very seriously.

Reach Audience

Get up to 100% Reach to your Audience

On social media, you only get up to 5% organic reach to your
audience. With Clubify, you can send an SMS to your clients, push
notifications, social posts all from a click of a button. That’s right – your
audience can text your App Community Number.

Data Own

Own Your Data and Keep it Secure

We will keep your and your audience’s data safe and not sell it to third
parties or for advertising. In fact, we show you how to monetize it for
your community’s benefit. We take privacy and security very seriously.
After all, you worked hard for your copyrights and IP… at Clubify we
value that we also own patents for communities.

Reach Audience

Live Video Integrations

Connect Zoom, Uberconference, Restream and other feeds effortlessly in your app!

Data Own

Management Web Portal

Manage your community posts, upload courses, videos, documents, and see your Dashboard!

Fully Customizable

Customize your club background image, profile image and general color theme. Soon you’ll be able to customize the sidebar menu items and change their names!

Sell Your Course

Fully Branded to you

Your App Icon, Your App name, your App Store and Google Play listing. When people search for you, they find your brand – not just some big company hosting your brand and they are getting all the traffic.

Sell Your Course

Easier to Update than a Website

WordPress has gotten too complicated, and other platforms are too simple and hit their limitations very quickly, like Wix. Clubify is a powerful platform and you can customize with literally a few clicks – easier than a website!

Share Content

Live video classes/training, photos, courses and membership plans. Integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive.

See why millions of people are joining Clubify.

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